sharing virtue for a better world

kreative design Jl. Cendrawasih I no.11c, Arteri Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 12240, Indonesia,

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our mission:


To help build

character strength

by sharing high standards

values of life

such as patience, tolerances, positive thinking, love, fidelity, sincere…


artist–writer–designer collaboration @ kreative design

where right brainers exercise their creativity

where cooperative attitudes are strongly encouraged

where innovation is highly respected 

where ideas turn to tangible high quality products and services,

professionally within certain budget and schedule


work in partnership with

individuals and organizations with similar vision

based on mutually benefit or profit sharing


our services:


specialized in creating communication, education, and information

products and services


design educative printing materials for children

based on national or international curriculum,

segmented target, which is fun and entertained


integrating local character and local content in

thematic publishing design


our products:

children picture books, coloring and activity books, flip charts,

game cards, journal and agendas, calendars,

newsletters, scrap book, editorial design, illustration works and more



projects done for:


Azizah Magazine - Atlanta


Kelola - Jakarta


Center for Civic Education Indonesia - Jakarta


World Vision Indonesia - Jakarta


ars86care - Jakarta


International Museum of Women - San Fransisco



the founder:

marini widowati is an illustrator, architect, and urban designer.

Graduated in 1991 from Parahyangan University Bandung, joined Atelier 6,

an architecture firm in Jakarta as an urban designer for 4 years.

Currently, she contribute illustration work for Azizah magazine,

the voice of muslim woman based in Atlanta, USA.

She is the founder and creative designer of kreative design studio which vision is

“sharing virtue for a better world.”

Her works include the book “Bungong Jaroe Aneuk Aceh”:

a compilation of the children of Aceh pasca tsunami for World Vision Indonesia.

Educative material about child right:

“Indonesian Children, Different but One Family” for World Vision Indonesia.

She also works as illustrator for children book about democracy with tittles:

“responsibility, privacy, authority, and Justice" for Center for Civic Education.

Currently, she works on her master thesis

on virtue as a common platform surpass religious belief at ICAS-Paramadina Jakarta. 



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